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  • Do you enjoy sensuous, arousing, sexy erotica with an imaginative storyline?
  • Would you like to feel juicer and more radiant, sexy & horny in your body?
  • Are you looking for inspiration on how to spice things up in the bedroom and transform your sex life?
  • Are you curious about how Tantric Sex could improve your life?, or
  • Are you a tantric practitioner looking for resources that will support your tantric practice?

Celebrate your Sexuality and Connect to Conscious Sex with our inspiring Erotica, Tools & Resources.

First-rate Tantric Erotic Stories & Fantasies

Tantric Candy is a Playground for exploring the full range of feminine and masculine sexuality. With us you will find Explicit, Tantric Erotic Stories & Fantasies. Authentic, sensual, appealing to all your senses and – above all – guaranteed to turn you on!

Here at Tantric Candy, we believe in the Power of Stories! Our Mission is to bring you stories with the power to Inspire, Entertain, Heal and Transform.

We strive to ensure the Highest Quality of Sexual Energy in each and every story. Therefore, our stories are written exclusively by people who are tantric practitioners themselves.

Tantric Candy Erotic Stories.
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Authentic, Sensual, Uncensored & Guaranteed to Turn You On!

At Tantric Candy we offer you stimulating and entertaining tantric erotic stories that help you connect to conscious sexuality and get your sexual energy flowing in your body.

  • Use our stories to explore your sexual fantasies.
  • Use our stories as foreplay – to get into the mood.
  • Use them as conversation starters – to discover what you and your partner really long for in the bedroom.
  • Use them as inspiration – find out what else you might like, get fun ideas to spice up your sex life, learn new techniques
  • … and just ENJOY!

We cater to many different tastes

Whatever your thing is – there is a big chance that we have something that will tickle your palate. At the moment our scrumptious selection includes five different Heat Levels and numerous special interests:

  • Straight, Heteroflexible, Bisexual, Lesbian & Gay sex.
  • Solo, Couples, Menage & Group sex.
  • Oral & Anal sex, Sex toys & Restraints.
  • Lots of Fuck talk, Striptease, Watching and Being watched.
  • Different Feminine Flavours & Manly Men.
  • MILF, Food play, Call Girls, Daddy play & Dubious Consent.
  • … and more…
Tantric Erotic Stories - Pick & Mix Concept.

Tantric Erotica: Pick & Mix Concept

By now you just might be thinking:

“So let me get this straight… I’m getting high-quality, sensual, entertaining erotic stories that help me connect to conscious sexuality, get my sexual energy flowing, and these stories also have the power to bring inspiration and transformation into my sex life? I bet that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg…”

We like to keep things Simple. The Tantric Candy shop is built around a Pick & Mix concept where you pay by length, much in the same way you would pay by weight in a normal candy store. So for the Modest Price of a bag of candy, you can have Your Own Tantric Candy Bag filled to the brim with Delicious Erotic Goodies.

Try our Erotic Stories for Free!

“But what if the Tantric Candy Stories are just not my thing?”

We understand that people have different tastes in Erotica.

That’s why we offer you the opportunity to sample our goods without charge. Just sign up to the Tantric Candy Newsletter and you will get FIVE of our TANTRIC EROTIC SHORT STORIES absolutely FREE. If the Tantric Candy flavour is not your thing after all, you can always unsubscribe at the bottom of every Newsletter.

So, why not have a taste?

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Connect to Conscious Sexuality

And there’s more… In addition to the Erotica you can find in our Candy Shop, we also offer you a whole Range of Complementary Tools and Resources.

None of us here at Tantric Candy were born tantric. Yet, we all agree that implementing even a few tools has had a HUGE positive impact on our sex lives.

Here are some of the Benefits we have all personally experienced ourselves:

  • Reconnecting to our own bodies, our sexual energy and desires.
  • Feeling energized and alive.
  • Feeling sexy, radiant & horny – most of the time.
  • Deeper sexual connection with our partners, more juicy and frequent sex also in long-term relationships.
  • Experiencing a range of orgasms we had never imagined possible.
  • Feeling more open, free and relaxed.
  • … and much, much more…

So why would You settle for less?

It does not matter if you don’t know anything or if you are new to tantra or if you have several years of practice under your belt. Wherever you are is a good place to continue.

Tantric Candy is here to help you take your sexuality to the next level – Today!

Want to know more?

Tantric Candy Shop

Tantric Candy Shop

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