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At Tantric Candy we believe that Erotic Stories and Fantasies are a wonderful way to Express and Celebrate one’s own sexuality. We want to encourage Conscious Sexuality and Erotic Creativity and welcome submissions from first time authors as well as from seasoned, previously published writers who are interested in expressing their sexual side in writing. We strive to ensure the highest quality of sexual and tantric energy in each and every story and therefore we only accept manuscripts from writers who are practitioners or have some other experience with tantra themselves.

We are looking for submissions of short stories, novelettes and novellas up to 40 000 words and the occasional novel, with a compelling storyline. As long as the story is tantric in origin, we are interested in pretty much anything you have to offer as far as style, time period, setting, genre and sexual preference are concerned.

Our main focus is on well-written, sexually arousing erotic short stories and fantasies. All these stories should include A LOT of sex. The sexual content of the stories can constitute anything from skilful build-up of sexual tension and sensual soft or energetic sex to extreme, explicit, hard core sex covering subjects that could be seen as forbidden or taboo (see Heat Categories). The stories can be based in reality or be entirely fictional. We are looking for stories that are entertaining, inspirational and that convey a positive outlook on sexuality. The stories may or may not include some aspect of healing and/or transformation in relation to sexual themes.

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We are also looking for tantric stories focusing on healing, transformation and tantric tools. Themes could include, for example, the release of shame, gaining awareness of ego-patterns, healing childhood wound or traumatic experiences, learning how not lose energy during sex, spiritual and energetic tantric experiences etc. These stories do not necessarily need to make the reader aroused, but if they do so, it is a nice bonus. Regardless, the aim is always to entertain in the form of a story (and definitely not to get across as ‘teachy’).

Please read our submission guidelines carefully before submitting. If you have any questions please contact Charlene. If you are interested in contributing with more factual writing about tantra or with your best Tantric Tools, we would love to read about it in the Tantric Candy Blog. You can also guest blog for Tantric Candy about your tantric adventures, insights and experiences.

Photographers, Artists & Tantric Activities

If you are a photographer / artist and you have a website, photographs or tantric artwork that you would like to promote, Tantric Candy is always looking for photographs or illustrations to feature on our webpage and book covers. We can offer you direct links back to your website and appropriate acknowledgement in all published works.

In addition, if you provide tantric services, host tantric events or such, your activities can be featured on our Blog, Tools & Resources page. You can submit your resources here. If you have any questions or want to submit a sample of your (art)work, please email Charlene.

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