Manuscript Submissions 


About Charlene Black Publishing

Charlene Black Publishing is an independent publisher founded in 2016. Our mission is to publish stories with the power to inspire, entertain, to heal and transform.

Aim Tantric Candy

Tantric Candy is a playground for exploring the full range of feminine and masculine sexuality. It is a place where we want to provide first-rate, tantric erotic stories & fantasies for women and men of (nearly) all and any sexual preference. Our aim is to entertain our readers with good story, get their sexual energy flowing, while at the same time providing them with inspiration and an opportunity to heal, transform and improve their sex lives.

Want to write for Tantric Candy?

At Tantric Candy we believe that Erotic Stories and Fantasies are a wonderful way to Express and Celebrate one’s own sexuality. We want to encourage Conscious Sexuality and Erotic Creativity and we welcome submissions from first time authors as well as from seasoned, previously published writers who are interested in expressing their sexual side in writing. We strive to ensure the highest quality of sexual and tantric energy in each and every story and therefore we only accept manuscripts from writers who are practitioners or have some other experience with tantra themselves.

What are we looking for?

We are mainly looking for submissions of short stories, novelettes and novellas up to 40 000 words, with a compelling storyline, but we may occasionally publish longer works (novels > 40 000 words) as well. As long as the story is tantric in origin, we are interested in pretty much anything you have to offer as far as style, time period, setting, genre and sexual preference are concerned (see also ‘What is NOT acceptable’ below).

Our main focus is on well-written, sexually arousing erotic (short) stories and fantasies. All these stories should include A LOT of sex. The sexual content of the stories can constitute anything from skilful build-up of sexual tension and sensual soft or energetic sex to extreme, explicit, hard core sex covering subjects that could be seen as forbidden or taboo (see Heat Categories). The stories can be based in reality or be entirely fictional. We are looking for stories that are entertaining, inspirational and that convey a positive outlook on sexuality. The stories may or may not include some aspect of healing and/or transformation in relation to sexual themes.

We are also looking for tantric stories focusing on healing, transformation and tantric tools. Themes could include, for example, the release of shame, gaining awareness of ego-patterns, healing childhood wound or traumatic experiences, learning how not lose energy during sex, spiritual and energetic tantric experiences etc. These stories do not necessarily need to make the reader aroused, but if they do so, it is a nice bonus. Regardless, the aim is always to entertain in the form of a story (and definitely not to get across as ‘teachy’).

If you are interested in contributing with more factual writing about tantra, or your best Tantric Tools we would love to read about it in the Tantric Candy Blog. You can also guest blog for Tantric Candy about your tantric adventures, insights and experiences.

To summarize, these are the characteristics that will make your story stand out: (not all need to apply to every story):

1. Entertainment:

Is it a good story with a compelling storyline that pulls the reader into the story?

2. Literary quality:

Is the manuscript itself well written and cleanly edited?

3. Sexual energy:

Is the story sexually arousing? This usually means either skilful build-up of sexual tension (especially in heat category 1) and / or plenty of explicit sexual content (heat categories 2-5).

4. Inspiration:

Is the story inspiring? For example, does the story inspire the readers to step out of their comfort zones and try something new in their sex lives? Does it invite the readers to explore their own sexual fantasies?

5. Healing / Transformation / Education:

Are the characters going through a transformative (spiritual) process, for example, releasing shame, gaining awareness of their ego patterns or working through childhood or sexual trauma’s?

Tantric Erotica that Inspires, Entertains and Transforms

What is our definition of tantric sex and writing?

‘Regular’ sex is typically based on friction, culminating in the release of sexual energy from the body through the peak orgasm (ejaculation or clitoral/vaginal peak orgasm) followed by relaxation or sleep. The way we see it, tantric sex is aimed at conserving and increasing sexual energy (which is the same as life force) by circulating it though the entire body.

The main practical implications, as far as writing is concerned, are that:

  • The sexual stories should not glorify energy-reducing, contraction-based peak orgasms (= ejaculation, clitoral, vaginal orgasms). It is not that peak orgasms are ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’ – they may well have their place within the storyline – but on the whole, we prefer a focus on recharging orgasms, including valley, g-spot (squirting), anal, cervical, full body and womb orgasms.
  • Healing, transformational and educating stories should be related to tantric teachings, conscious sexuality and/or spirituality.
  • Energetically, the story should be tantrically inspired (which is bound to be the case if you are a tantric practitioner yourself).

What is NOT acceptable

We DO NOT accept stories with:

Characters under 18 in sexual situations, actual paedophilia or incest.

Bestiality (actual sex with animals)

Snuff & Necrophilia (getting off on killing / having sex with a truly dead body)

Storylines with abduction, coercion, non-consensual sex, rape, drugging, (extreme) violence, slavery and such will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. While we certainly do NOT condone any of these practices, we do recognize that sexual fantasies and desires are a gateway into our subconscious mind and that playing out fantasies can be an integral part of healing and transforming one’s (sex) life.

In other words, while we do not condone things like paedophilia or incest – under any circumstances – we do recognize that playing these fantasies out in role-play (mummy / daddy or age play) can be an extremely healing experience. Similarly, we are not saying that rape or non-consensual sex is acceptable in any way. Yet, fantasizing about it (whether we are women or men) is often related to the desire of the feminine in us to be ravished and taken by the masculine. Sometimes it may also be related to trauma or (subconscious) fears. Living that out in role-play (or expressing it or reading about it in a rape story) can again create the opportunity for transformation to take place. Therefore, we do encourage using role-play among consenting adults in our stories in the exploration of topics that may seem taboo at first glance.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  • Have a look at our author agreement at the bottom of this page to see if you would like to work with us.
  • Do you have all the rights to your story? For Previously published work: if the work was self-published we will consider it. Please give us any relevant information.
  • We only accept submissions via e-mail. Please fill in ‘Submission: Title, Pen Name’ as subject. Only submit one story per e-mail.
  • Have you written several stories? Great! Please tell us how many you would be interested in publishing with us and send us 3 stories that are representative of your work.

Include in your submission e-mail

  • Name, pen name, contact information (including e-mail address & telephone number).
  • Submission title
  • Total number of words
  • Your tantric background: tantric school(s) attended with website info or other tantric experience and no. years of practice. It is totally fine, even if you are new to the tantric scene; we just want to get a feel for where you are coming from.
  • A short blurb of max 400 words describing / pitching the story. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just give us your best attempt.


  • Final manuscripts should be well-written and reasonably cleanly edited. 
  • Before submitting, ask a few people (other than your best friends) to give you feedback and help with basic editing and proofreading.
  • Use 12 pt Times New Roman font.
  • Line spacing 1.5. No extra spacing before or after.
  • No indent for the first paragraph, 1,27 cm indent for following paragraphs. Do not use Tabs.
  • Include a cover page with title, any subtitles, author, pen name and e-mail (this is to ensure that we always know which manuscript belongs to whom).
  • Only include text in your manuscript (no images, tables, graphs etc.)
  • Do not add headers, footers or page numbers
  • Submit your document as a MS Word .doc or .docx file

What Happens After You Have Sent in Your Manuscript?

  • We aim to process all submissions as fast as possible. However, as we are a small publishing company getting started, we ask you to be patient with us. We will send an e-mail to acknowledge the receipt of your manuscript. If, after that, you have not heard from us within 3 months, please contact Charlene ( if you have any questions about your submission.
  • Simultaneous submissions to different publishers are permissible. However, we kindly ask that, if you are submitting somewhere else, please let us know at the time of submission and to withdraw your submission with us if you have decided to publish with someone else.
  • If your story is accepted for publication with Tantric Candy a Publishing Agreement will be sign between you and Tantric Candy to finalize the arrangement. After that we will guide you through the publication process.
  • Stories that have potential, but are not quite there yet, will receive a Revise and Resubmit (suggestions for revision).
  • If your story is not accepted for publication and you did not receive revision suggestions, it does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the story. Have another look at the submission guidelines. You story may just not be for us. So please do not be discouraged, but keep expressing your sexual side in writing!

What can we offer you?

  • While we do expect your manuscript to be self-edited and reasonably polished when you send it in, we will help you edit and proofread your work to make it even better.
  • Tantric Candy will design a book cover for your book.
  • Your book will be formatted and converted to the most important e-book formats.
  • You get access to a growing platform specifically targeted at a tantric audience.
  • We will make your book available via different retailers (through Smashwords + ).
  • We will promote your book through our channels and you will get tips & tricks on promoting your book to help boost sales.
  • You get royalties of the income derived from the sales of your e-book(s). A small note: While we all hope that your books will be best-sellers, it is important to bear in mind that the publishing business is highly competitive and that most published books never sell in large volumes. The best way to increase your royalties will be to actively participate in the marketing of your own books.
  • Your get access to our pool of Tantric Candy beta readers.

More questions? Go to our Submission FAQ section.