Are you a tantric practitioner with something to share? Guest bloggers are always welcome at Tantric Candy!

  • Can you tell us about specific tantric practices that have helped you connect deeper with your sexuality?
  • Do you have tips and tools on how to spice things up in the bedroom?
  • We would love to read about your tantric adventures, insights and experiences and what tantra has done to improve your life!
  • If you are interested in contributing with more factual writing about tantra – we say yes, please!
  • You are also welcome to gently promote your tantric services, products and resources in a fun and inspiring way 

Providers of Tantric Resources

Are you a provider of tantric product or service? This could include tantric workshops, events, massage, erotic photo-shoots, tantric artwork, strip-tease, self-love, tantric BDSM, or any other products or services that help people bring more juiciness and tantric energy into their (sex) lives. In that case you are very welcome to post your tantra-related services – with links to your own website or events page – on our Tantric Resources page, using the form below. All submissions will be screened before posting to check that the service fits with the mission of this website. If you are unsure whether your resource is suitable for Tantric Candy, please e-mail us with a brief query before submitting.

We ask you to present your Resource and all your Tantric Services in one resource-post. By adding categories (e.g. massage, erotic dancing, tantric coaching), your resources will still be findable, even if you offer several different types of services. If you are hosting tantric events, courses and workshops, we ask you to keep things general and to refer to your own website, FB page or events page for dates and specific details.

Your Resource-post will be published by the editor. In case you want to change something after publication, you can ask the editor to make the changes for you. For more information, please have a look at our Submission FAQ’s. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? In that case, please send us a message with your question.

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Here you can add any additional comments or questions you may have. If you are unsure whether your resource is suitable for Tantric Candy, we kindly ask you to send a query first using the form on the Contact Us page.