Tantric Candy Genres, Heat Ratings & Story Length Categories

On this page you will find Product Information about the Erotica we offer in the Tantric Candy Shop. Scroll down to read all about our Erotica Genres, about the Heat Ratings of our stories and about our Story Length Categories.

Erotica Genres

Here you will find information about the different Erotica Genres we offer in the Tantric Candy Shop. If you are a Tantric Author, we would love to welcome you to the Tantric Candy Writer’s Family. Have a look at our Submission Guidelines to see if you would like to publish with us.

Action & Adventure Quests, heroes and villains.
BDSM Ropes and whips, the play of domination and surrender.
Bicurious & Bisexual Swinging both ways – usually the more the merrier.
Contemporary Everything from true stories to outrageous sexual fantasies.
Couples A couple at the heart of the story – in monogamous or open relationship.
Fun & Wit No need to take everything so seriously.
Fantasy & Fairy tale Let your imagination run free.
Futuristic & SciFi To boldly go where no man or woman has gone before…
Gay Male Man to man.
Lesbian Sex Girls only.
Historical Good old times…?
Poetry Tantric poems.
Romantic Elements of romance and romantic feelings.
Straight up Heterosexual orientation.
Suspense Balancing on the edge of fear.
Taboo Forbidden desires, probably offensive. Not for the faint of heart.

Tantric Candy Heat Ratings

Our mission at Tantric Candy is to create stories that Inspire, Entertain and Transform. Our aim is to cater Tantric Erotica for all tastes – from Sensual Tantric Soft Sex to Outrageously Extreme, Hardcore Taboo Stories. To help you find the level of sexual tension that appeals to you most, we assign different Heat Ratings to every story. Here you can read all about the amount and type of sex and sexual language you can expect.

0 – Tantric Tools

Inspirational, spiritual, educational or transformational stories with a (sexual) tantric element or message, without the explicit aim of making the reader sexually aroused.

1 – Juicy Sizzle

Mainstream audience curious for more. Stories with skilful build-up of sexual tension. Sensual tantric soft sex or emphasis on sexual energy exchange. Imaginative, non- (or not very) graphic language.

2 – Spicy Bite

Mainstream audience ready to take a tantric leap. Heavier sexual tension, explicit sex with a sensual side. May contain coarse language. Usually Solo- or Couples-sex. May include the occasional Threesome.

3 – Peppery Burn

Erotic audience. Sex and language will be hot, graphic, uninhibited and plentiful. Explicit sex where almost anything goes.

4 – Explosive Blaze

Erotic audience. XXX stories. Usually contains graphic, unconventional sex and explicit adult language that may be considered offensive. May contain elements of violence.

5 – Intense Melt

Erotic audience. Extreme, hard core sex. Often covers subjects that could be seen as forbidden or taboo. Likely to offend most readers. May contain graphic violence. Pushing the limits of what some deem acceptable.

Tantric Candy Story Length Categories

At Tantric Candy, we like to keep things Simple and Straightforward. The Tantric Candy Shop is built around a Pick & Mix Concept where you pay by length, much in the same way you would pay by weight in a normal candy store. For example, the price of our shortest Espresso Nibbles start already at €0,79, our most popular Caramel Twist Short Stories are priced at €1,79 and our Original Twist Novelettes cost €2,79. So for the Modest Price of a bag of candy, you can have Your Own Tantric Candy Bag filled to the brim with Delicious Erotic Goodies.

Flash Fiction & Poetry

Espresso Nibbles

500 – 1500 words

Flash fiction for on the go. Our Espresso Nibbles are instant pick-me-up’s when you are in the mood for a mini-break. Also includes Poetry.

Short Stories & Poetry

Travel Sweets

1500 – 3000 words

Building up sexual tension from the get go, our Travel Sweets are perfect for a quick turn-me-on. Also includes Tantric Poetry.

Caramel Swirls

3000 – 5000 words

Our most popular Short Story category, Caramel Swirls, are stories with a more elaborate storyline that often include more than one sex scene.

Dark Chocolate Secrets

5000 – 7500 words

Dark Chocolate Secrets usually have a more complex plot and are suitable for those moments when you have a bit more time and want to indulge in a longer short story.


Original Twists

7500 – 10 000 words

Original Twists is our category of shorter Novelettes. Great story telling combined with multiple sexual encounters.

Luxury Lollipops

10 000 – 15 000 words

Finish our medium length Luxury Lollipop Novelettes in one go or have a taste every now and them.

Gourmet Fudge

15 000 – 20 000 words

Gourmet Fudge are our longer Novelettes for prolonged pleasure. Spoil yourself to a long, steamy night of have sweet nibble whenever you want to. Also includes Short Story Collections.

Novellas, Short Story Collections & Anthologies

Tantric Delight

20 000 – 30 000 words

Tantric Delight are our shorter Novellas and Short Story Collections for when you want to enjoy the company of the same characters for a longer time.

Hard Liquorice

30 000 – 40 000 words

Our Hard Liquorice are longer Novellas and Short Story Collections that will excite your senses – over and over and over again.

Novels, Short Story Collections & Anthologies

Strawberry Melts

40 000 – 75 000 words

Strawberry Melts are our shorter Novels for prolonged pleasure.

Handmade Pralines

> 75 000 words

Our handmade Pralines are long Novels for erotic connoisseurs.