Coconut Oil Delight


Coconut Oil Delight

The Good Wife: Story 6

Charlene Black



Time to relax.

A wealthy businessman and a wife supporting him with his life’s purpose – the marriage of Madelyn and John Hartfield would appear to be the very definition of convention. But things are not always what they seem… In the sixth story from The Good Wife Short Story Collection, John has been working far too much and Madelyn decides it is time for an intervention. She makes an appointment for a very special treatment at a nearby wellness centre.

Coconut Oil Delight is a delicious Travel Sweet length short story with a Peppery Burn (3 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating. If you enjoy a being washed in a luxurious bath and receiving a sensuous massage, girl-on-girl sex and threesomes, you will like this story where the service goes way beyond your normal day at the spa.

Read this story and immerse yourself in the world of your senses today.

Pick & mix your favourite stories from The Good Wife Erotic Short Story Collection or enjoy them all as a box set.

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