Entertaining Myself

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Entertaining Myself

The Good Wife: Story 3

Charlene Black



Just because he is not there, doesn’t mean she cannot enjoy herself…

A wealthy businessman and a wife supporting him with his life’s purpose – the marriage of Madelyn and John Hartfield would appear to be the very definition of convention. But things are not always what they seem… In the third story from The Good Wife Short Story Collection, Madelyn is home alone for several nights, while her husband is away on a business trip. Being the sensuous woman that she is, she knows how to enjoy her own body, even without a man in the house.

Entertaining myself is a quick Espresso Nibble length piece of Flash Fiction for on the go. This story in the Juicy Sizzle (1 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat category is for those who like it soft and sensual.

Read this story and practice some self love today.

Pick & mix your favourite stories from The Good Wife Erotic Short Story Collection or enjoy them all as a box set.

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