On the Rebound Box Set


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On the Rebound Box Set

A Collection of Explicit Tantric Erotic Short Stories

Charlene Black


It’s time to let go of all inhibitions!

Emily – who is fresh out of a two-year relationship – has been persuaded by her best friend Annabel to join her on an Interrail trip through Scandinavia. The uninhibited Annabel uses every opportunity to get Emily’s mind off her cheating ex-boyfriend. Bit by bit, Emily stretches her boundaries, exploring new and exciting ways to play with her own sexuality. Join her in her transformation as she goes from dull and slightly boring to sexy, open, wild and free!

On the Rebound is a collection of six explicit tantric erotic stories, with heat ratings ranging from a Juicy Sizzle (1/5) to Intense Melt (5/5) on the Tantric Candy heat scale. You’ll love these Juicy Exhibitionist Sex Stories. Be prepared for anything and everything from solo and straight sex to juicy threesomes and scorching hot group sex. Also includes: fuck talk, oral & anal sex, lesbian sex, striptease, sex toys, restraints, call girls, manly men and dubious consent. The stories from On the Rebound are available as separate stories and as a box set.

Enjoy all six parts:

Show Me!The request has been made… Will she do it?

Emily and Annabel are on the train from Amsterdam to Lübeck, Annabel is exchanging naughty text messages with her own boyfriend Gerard. Then Emily receives a personal request from him as well… How far does Emily dare to go?

Show Me More!They meet again – and this time he wants more.

On the night boat from Germany to Sweden Annabel is the centre of attention of every man in the bar, while Emily finds refuge out on deck. There she meets an old acquaintance. How much will she show him this time around?

Let Me, Please!Three young women and steamy lavender water.

As the night train to Stockholm pulls out from Malmö central Station Emily and Annabel find out that they will share their sleeping car with a blond Swedish dancer called Linda. Using a washcloth, the girls take turns washing themselves in the cramped space and one thing leads to another…

You’re Mine!She’s theirs to take.

Bye-bye Sweden – Finland, here we come! On the cruise ship from Stockholm to Helsinki a wealthy businessman makes Emily and Annabel an offer they cannot refuse. Hours later – while lost in the winding corridors on the boat – Emily bumps into two rugged Russians, who decide that they are going to have their way with her.

Why Stop Now?Drowning in her senses.

The girls are celebrating a beautiful late summer’s day by having a picnic on an island outside Helsinki. The kisses of the sun, the caress of the wind, black-headed gulls laughing in the sky – the perfect setting to engage in sensual tantric self love.

Who Cares?Everybody needs a bit of crazy.

Emily and Annabel are on their way home again. On the freight ship taking them from Helsinki to Travemünde Emily takes a fancy to a sexy truck driver wearing a ponytail. Annabel gives her some advice how to approach him, but Emily has bigger plans. Much – bigger – plans…

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1 review for On the Rebound Box Set

  1. Pearl C

    5 stars for content, but 3 stars for frequent spelling and syntax errors (biological tomatoes? I’m guessing the author meant organic?.) Therefore, an overall average of 4 stars. I really enjoyed Emily’s personal growth along her erotic journey. Some of the situations she found herself in were completely realistic, such as the HOT text conversation with her BFF’s boyfriend, and some were obviously fantasy material for most of us. I especially liked the way Vasili encouraged her “to feel” during that particular encounter.

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