She Wants To Be Tied Up Bundle


She Wants To Be Tied Up

7 Erotic BDSM Stories Bundle

Charlene Black


She Wants To Be Tied Up is a collection of 7 BDSM Bondage Stories diving deep into the play of domination and surrender. Are ropes, chains, handcuffs and belts your thing? And are you no stranger to a bit of rough play? Then you will love this bundle! All these stories are written from the perspective of the sub.

The She Wants…anthologies bring together the best of Charlene Black’s short stories in Thematic Value Bundles. This Anthology contains the following seven stories:

Have You Been a Good Wife? – A wealthy businessman and a wife supporting him with his life’s purpose – the marriage of John and Madelyn Hartfield would appear to be the very definition of convention. But things are not always what they seem… John comes back from one of his business trips only to find out that his wife has been very naughty girl while he was away. He decides to teach her a lesson…

At Your Service– The taillights of the bus are disappearing in the distance. Just as Natalie is cursing her bad luck, a police car stops and a handsome hunk in uniform offers her a lift. His job is to serve. But what are his true intentions?

Under the Cover of Darkness– He takes what he wants… and he wants her.What was that?! Something wakes her up in the middle of the night. She listens into the room, into the house. Nothing. Thinking she is safe, she dozes off again. Little does she know what lies in wait for her under the cover of darkness…

The Rock Climber– The Forest Lodge is a cosy inn in the wilderness owned by a husband and wife, who have a knack for making every guest feel special.With her husband gone, the wife enjoys a quiet Thursday evening with a book by the fireplace, but a late night guest arrives. Before the night is over, she will have opened a lot more than only her door to this stranger and to the content of his backpack. If ropes, whips and rubber toys get you going, then look no further.

You’re Mine! – Emily – fresh out of a two-year relationship – is on an Interrail trip through Scandinavia with her best friend, the uninhibited Annabel.Bye-bye Sweden – Finland, here we come! On the cruise ship from Stockholm to Helsinki a wealthy businessman makes Emily and Annabel an offer they cannot refuse. Hours later – while lost in the winding corridors on the boat – Emily bumps into two rugged Russians, who decide that they are going to have their way with her.

Tame Me – If You Can!– Slowly regaining her senses, she feels something cold around her wrists and her ankles. Naked and restrained, chained to a table like an animal, she hears a key turning in the door. Somebody breathing heavily into her ear. A raw voice whispering: “You have been a very careless girl, haven’t you…? Now we are going to have our way with you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Mum’s Night Out– Being a mum is probably one of the most exhausting jobs on the planet. That’s why it is so important for mothers to recharge their batteries on a regular basis. This particular mum has found her own unique way to relax after a long and hard workweek. Whatever your thing is, chances are that she will be up for it – and more. Because when this mum decides to let go – she goes all the way.

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